My Inspiration

         As mentioned that I was born in Chiang Mai and have been living here. I am familiar with Northern life style. People still wear cotton although things change all over the time. Cotton has various valuable features. It, for instance, is beautiful because of its different weaving styles. It is made from natural material so it makes comfort and convenience.

         At present, I have a nice opportunity to further my study in Media Arts and Design in Chiang Mai University. I study several useful subjects and learn many valuable things and get new information and ideas. Arts and design can be mixed and developed. I think cotton, an important product of Chiang Mai, can be improved by using various strategies which I have studied. Moreover Internet is also a tool that plays an important role this day because it is worldwide and it is used in marketing and advertisement. Thus I have an idea to apply the 7cs theory which concerns systems with completed circulation to create wonderful websites, and methods I have learnt from Media Arts and Design to do my

7cs theory Independent Study.








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