Q: Who am I ?

My name is Techatat Thammanitkij. You may not be familiar with this name. It is because I have just changed from Pradabyot because of my personal reason, however, you can call me Yai, my nickname. I am a graduated student of Chiang Mai University located in Chiang Mai, the second largest metropolitan city of Thailand.

Q: What kind of the person am I?

I am a talkative person and enjoy party. I have a lot of friends in Chiang Mai most of them are really like to cycling and so do I. I spent most of my time cycling to another district and that is one of my hobbies. I am the young out standing guy who likes the new technology such as the new model of the mobiles , computers, and the IT things.

Q: What is my background ?

I was born in Phrae, a province in the North of Thailand. I am the only child in the family. After finishing Electronic Programme at Lanna Polytechnical College, I studied in The Faculty of Management Sciences at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. Then I have owned various businesses such as selling, buying and also fixing computers and motorcycles, and a tour company in Chiang Mai, an important tourist attraction. Because of working involved with the computers, several websites and different people have inspired me to study Media Arts and Design in Chiang Mai University. And because Chiang Mai is a traveling place as the phrase “Chiang Mai is the Rose of the North”, beautiful arts, wonderful cultures and friendly people make Chiang Mai famous. Cotton is also a well-known product of Chiang Mai that has interested me to study (see my Independent Study).

Q: Am I a Buddhist?

Yes, I am. I used to be a monk as Thais have to follow the religious traditions. I believe in Buddha’s teaching such as gamma and dhamma. I think everyone has to get the results of each action so I do everything the best as I can.

Q: What are my skills and abilities ?

I have worked and owned my computer business for 9 years. Thus these are my computer skills and abilities.


  • Programming – I program Basic, Pascal and Java Html.

  • Database – I have worked with system design and My SQL which I am most familiar with. In 2004, I have designed and implemented various web-database systems such as and These have been designed during studying Media Arts and Design in Chiang Mai University.

  • Network System – I have worked extensively with office network design and implementation for schools, private and also government organizations since 1996. During 1995-99, private and government organizations in Chiang Mai want to have internet access. At that time my company has many good chances to set small to medium size LAN systems to the Internet. I worked mostly with Window NT server and Window 2000 server. Here are examples of the systems that I have been working for: Department of Industrial Promotion in Chiang Mai and several private companies.

  • Multimedia - I really enjoy working with digital image, audio and video. Creating games
    2D animation is my hobby. (see some examples) Besides I am able to do web page design and video editing. Tools that I frequently use include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Macromedia Flash, and Dreamweaver. (see my examples)

Cotton is the one of famous products here in Chiang Mai. Since I have studied about Media Arts and Design I have found that cotton can be widely famous because of media and design. Reference from the 7cs theory, cotton can be improved. (see my Independent Study)

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